Ohio State says the Meyer investigation will finish on time on 8/21

The Buckeyes announced a two-week deadline for the investigation’s close. They’re on track to meet it.

Perhaps a bit buried in the news cycle thanks to another Big Ten East team, Ohio State’s investigation into the football program and Urban Meyer is in fact still going on. On August 7th, a two-week deadline was set by the special working group reviewing the case. On August 16th, Ohio State’s president Michael Drake said that the 21st is not a hard deadline.

But on August 17th, he announced that the investigation is on track to finish on the 21st and an official announcement of the findings could come in the following week.

Interim head coach Ryan Day also released a long Twitter post going position by position to give an update on what’s going on on the field in Columbus as the Buckeyes are set to break camp — the Buckeye staff and players are currently off limits for interviews.

So in the end, it seems we might just get the announcement of the findings in a timeline that tracks with what was initially announced.

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