Pokemon GO Adds New Sale Items for Global Challenge Event

To assist players in the newly-announced Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge, developer Niantic is offering some major discounts on select premium items for a limited time only. Two new item boxes have appeared on sale in the popular mobile title’s online store, giving players access to some useful consumables that are sure to help them complete the game’s first ever global challenge event.

Inside the two boxes, named the Special Box and Ultra Box, Pokemon GO players will find a host of lucky eggs, raid passes, and lure modules, as well as an array of Great or Ultra Balls. Thanks to the double XP bonus that is soon to be acquired for all trainers when the game’s fan-base captures 500 million Pokemon, Lucky Eggs will grant a tremendous 4 times the experience points for 30 minute intervals, making the item invaluable for those looking to level up quickly.

Pokemon GO global catch challenge rewards

The Special Box will offer a 61% discount on items, where the Ultra Box offers a 58% reduced price, but both purchasable boxes will prove useful in a Pokemon GO player’s adventures. The Ultra Box may contain slightly less savings inside, but those who buy it may get more Lucky Eggs than if they had opted to spend their coins on the Special Box instead.

Pokemon GO has also put its popular Super Incubators, which speed up the hatching of Pokemon eggs in-game, back up for sale, allowing players to walk 66% less distance for a chance at hatching some of the rarer creatures. These special variations on the regular Incubators won’t help much in the Global Catch Challenge, which requires all trainers to work together in order to capture 3 billion Pokemon, but they’re a nice incentive to pick up the game once more.

So far, the Global Catch Challenge is off to a slow start, with yesterday’s announcement that players are not on track to achieve their capture goal coming as a disappointment to many. Although, at this rate, trainers around the globe are certain to achieve the bronze and possibly silver tier rewards, the community currently looks unlikely to complete the event.

The new sale items don’t currently have an expiry date, but we’d guess that they will most likely end with the Global Catch Challenge on November 26th, or when the Challenge Rewards end on December 1st. Either way, those who want to take part in some significant savings should be sure to log-in soon and see what the upgraded store has to offer.

Pokemon GO is out now for Android and iOS devices.

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