Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Reveals New Z Moves For Necrozma

The latest Pokemon title is set to arrive for the Nintendo 3DS in about a month, bringing with it many new features and enhancements from its predecessor. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon follow in the footsteps of other enhanced versions like Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Emerald by introducing more content and features on top of the original base package. Nintendo has already outlined a lot of the new things coming in both of these titles, but the latest trailer introduces the enhanced Rotom Pokedex and powerful new Z-moves for the evolved forms of the Pokemon, Necrozma.

The new trailer for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon focuses on the two new forms of Necrozma and its powerful new Z-moves. Players will find that the base form of Necrozma comes with a brand new regular move called Photon Geyser. Once evolved, Dusk Mane Necrozma earns the Z-Move Searing Sunraze Smash, which has the creature warping its enemy through a wormhole before tumbling down a blazing column of light. On the other side, Dawn Wings Necrozma learns the Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom Z-move which again pulls its enemy through a wormhole before blasting it with six beams of energy.

The trailer also goes into greater detail regarding the Rotom Pokedex. In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, players can befriend Rotom Dex in order to unlock more features such as Roto Loto. Using a slot machine style, players can earn new items to use like Roto Encounter which helps players find higher level wild Pokemon more often or Roto Hatch which hatches eggs at a faster rate. Roto also has his own special Z-Power move as well, letting players use their Z-power for a second time.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon is shaping up to be much more than just a simple re-release. Already, Nintendo has revealed a lot of new features such as new beasts to collect like the two new forms of Necrozma, the Photo Club, Mantine Surfing, additional customization options, and much more. In addition to featuring an alternate story from the previous game, Nintendo has not been shy about teasing the fan base regarding being able to explore different places away from Alola such as Kanto, the location from the original Pokemon Red and Blue Game Boy titles.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon release on November 17 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

Source: The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel

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