Red Dead Lookalike Wild West Online Debuts Gameplay Footage

Wild West Online‘s first gameplay footage has been been published, the first trailer from the team after its announcement was zealously hyped due to its similar look to Red Dead Redemption. While Wild West Online is said to be an MMO, this early footage is composed of several tech concepts chained together and not final gameplay. Still, it’s six minutes of in-engine footage of what Wild West Online could look like when it launches.

As with any MMO, Wild West Online starts with character customization. What’s shown in the gameplay footage is extremely rudimentary, with only a handful of options for the character’s face, skin and hair color, facial scars, and sex. After dropping into the world, the player can then customize their outfit at one of the locations in town. Outfit customization definitely doesn’t seem to be working yet, so the footage only shows a cut and the character instantly changes clothing. The implication is that the game will feature a wide variety of outfits to purchase, though.

From there, the video discusses a bit of the gameplay. Players can take take bounties from the Sheriff’s department and head out into the world. Fast travel is accessible between cabins that the player has unlocked, with cabins serving as  a typical safe haven. After pairing up with a friend, the gameplay then hops to the camp where the bounty is hiding out. A showdown takes place and the bounty is claimed. It’s a very simple demo, but gives a feel for what players might expect from a game so early in development.

Wild West Online‘s gameplay debut is not without its controversies, however. The latest round of details regarding the MMO has led to unconfirmed community suspicions regarding the development team’s association with Sergey Titov. Sergey Titov is known for several controversial projects including WarZ and Shattered Skies. Each project is mired in criticism regarding unfinished development, overstated promises, and general low quality work.

These suspicions are compounded by certain aspects of today’s information drop. For instance, the trailer has had comments disabled, the game’s forums are being scoured of criticism, and the gameplay video itself feels very rough. Each gameplay segment looks completely disparate from the others, the menus could very well have been faked in an image editor, and the only actual two interactive elements in the demo are the stolen bottle of whisky and the running bounty. Even the player’s friend doesn’t actually move in the first gameplay clip, then dies off-screen in the second. It’s all very…odd.

Clearly Wild West Online‘s development has a long ways to go. Yet it’s much too early to make any assumptions regarding where it will end up. There’s no denying that the game looks a tad sketchy. But there are positives too, like how WWO has a very western atmosphere already purely due to visuals. And just going off of what the team wants to implement, it sounds like a fun project with a lot of potential.

Wild West Online is not currently available as it is pre-alpha, though the team is planning a public alpha test this summer. Players can pre-purchase the game now for various levels of access to future closed alphas and betas.

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