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Manus is a group of robots that mimic like a pack of animals: wolves. They have one brain and follow the public when they walk by them.

Animal-Like Qualities

Robots, as long as they can be programmed to mimic animal-like qualities, are safe for humans and functional to assist us in our lives.  When people walk by this display, located in London’s Design Museum, they wave hello. Industrial automation for these robots read body language and reflect back a robotic motioning.


Body Language with Robots

But, do people understand that robots are not waving hello back but reacting to the movement of their hands and body language? Our brains may see this as communication because they react to us. But, it isn’t the same reaction we receive from another human.

So for that robot in the museum, it may not ever be domesticated but it can be tamed. And you are a bit of a lion tamer if you’re working with that machine. It’s so powerful that if you lose respect for it, it will maul you. In the future, there will be robots like this that we don’t want around people, like military robots, robots where there’s an acceptable level of risk, like industrial or construction robots, but there also will be those that come into our home and workplace, like delivery or assistive robots.

Madeline Gannon: Bridging the Gap Between Humans and Robots

Coder and artist Madeline Gannon explore the interactions between robots and humans. She is experimenting with robots acting as one- pack of wolves.

Communication with a robot seems a far reach into the future. But, industrial looking robots have been created to interact with humans even if it’s echoing the movements of humans. Creating robots with emotion and expression is more challenging to create in comparison to programming a robot to serve a purpose in a military setting.

Created by Madeline Gannon – researcher, designer and educator at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture and also a PhD candidate in Computational Design, Quipt is a gesture-based control software that facilitates new ways to communicate with industrial robots. 

Future Implications

The temptation will be to create robots that destroy, and since robots are a machine they can malfunction and cause damage. Movies have been made about robots killing people: The Terminator, I-Robot.  Robots looking at you may not be able to read you like a human, but they can collect data on you and may use this data for tracking individuals.

Manus is the beginning of the future with robots working together and communicating with human body language. Autonomous robots that act independently are the wave of the future.

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