Ronaldo fans should be pumped about his new Juventus kit

Excited to see Ronaldo make the move to Serie A? His new jersey is live and available now at Kitbag.

When Cristiano Ronaldo changes soccer clubs, the internet erupts.

That’s exactly what happened when it was announced that the 33-year-old superstar was sold from Real Madrid to Juventus.

As Real Madrid fans grapple with the loss of Ronaldo, Juventus fans across the world are celebrating.

The move may cost Juventus a €100 million transfer fee, but as our Nate Scott notes, Ronaldo gives them a 25-plus goalscorer to lead its attack as the team attempts to win its first Champions League title since 1996.

Ronaldo also gives the Italian club a massive presence in the apparel world, too. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner is one of the most popular athletes in the world. Before the move was official, Ronaldo Juventus jerseys were already leaking on social media.

But now the Ronaldo Juventus kits are live

This isn’t a joke!

Here’s a few options featuring Juventus’ home shirts for the upcoming 2018-19 season, including authentic and replica options.

Details: Free delivery on all worldwide orders, but shipping overseas takes approximately three to 10 working days.

Ronaldo 7 Authentic Home Shirt for $144.95



Women’s Ronaldo 7 Replica Home Shirt for $94.95



Ronaldo 7 Replica Home Shirt for $104.95



Ronaldo 7 Replica Kids Home Shirt for $79.95



With the shockwaves still reverberating, we’ll be keeping our eyes out as more Ronaldo apparel drops in the coming days.

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