Silent Hills P.T Remade for PC by Fans

Although it has been several years since Konami’s cancellation of Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills, fans are still reminiscing about the game’s Playable Teaser–more commonly known as P.T.–and wondering what could have been. Now, in order to give fans a chance to revisit Lisa or play the incredibly creepy demo for the first time, the creator known as “SmoggyChips”  has released a prototype version of a remake project for the original trial that can be downloaded and played on PC right now.

As seen in the video below, SmoggyChips’ recreation of Silent HillsP.T. is still a work-in-progress, as this version is an early access build, with a lot more levels being added along the way. Not to mention, with the project still being in the preliminary stages, SmoggyChips will also be implementing plenty of fixes during this early access phase in order to ensure that it plays smoothly. Those interested can download the project known as Corridors right here.

Interestingly enough, SmoggyChips’ project isn’t the only remake of P.T. on PC that can be tested at the moment. As a matter of fact, the Redditor known as “LinusPixel” has put out a prototype all their own that used a script to extract sounds, objects, and models from the original P.T. This second remake of the Silent Hills Playable Teaser can be downloaded right here.

All things considered, with SmoggyChips’ Unreal Engine 4 version of P.T. and LinusPixel’s iteration of the Silent Hills demo out in the wild, fans who missed the boat on the Playable Teaser the first time around are at least lucky enough to have these fan projects to give them another shot. Of course, even though these recreations are wonderful labors of love, it’s safe to say that the original P.T. still takes the cake.

Silent Hills is no longer in production.

Source: Reddit, SmoggyChips – YouTube

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