Thank you, Louisville, for putting Justify on your football media guide

I don’t actually know if Louisville football is going to be good next year, but the media guide has me convinced they’ll win the ACC.

Louisville’s football media guide for 2018 is the best media guide in the history of college football media guides. There’s no argument to be made here.

It features Justify, the chestnut-colored colt that won the Triple Crown. But they didn’t just slap the horse on there and call it good — they made Justify look like a part of the team.

The bottom of the guide reads, “Fast thoroughbreds aren’t the only ones who accelerate to win here. Louisville Cardinals have been taking flight at a break-neck pace for over a century. Welcome to Speed City.”

The display is perfect. Wide receivers Seth Dawkins, Dez Fitzpatrick, and Jaylen Smith are in the three signature Football Player In A Photoshoot poses: Holding The Top Of My Shoulder Pads Casually, This Is How You Carry A Football, and Look At My Wingspan.

Meanwhile, Justify is in the back, with the camera catching his good side, while the horse sprinkles the perfect bit of intimidation in there. Lamar Jackson was the face of the guide last year, and was a damn good one. You can’t go wrong with a Heisman winner, but this is the first time a school has featured a Triple Crown winner. Clout.

It hasn’t been the best offseason for Louisville. They lost Lamar Jackson and Jaire Alexander to the NFL, the NCAA says we have to pretend their basketball championship that totally happened didn’t happen, and it turns out, Papa John is a racist.

But this — this is good. Louisville will be OK.

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