The best PS4 Pro games in 2017: Make the most of your PS4 Pro with these 4K enhanced games

So, you’ve bought a PS4 Pro. Or perhaps you’re thinking of buying one… Either way, you want to know the best PS4 Pro games to buy so you can make the most of your shiny (it’s actually matte) new box.

Now, you’re probably thinking that the best PS4 Pro games are the same as the best PS4 games, but you’d be wrong. While the best PS4 games are some of the most fantastic and refined gaming experiences you’ll find on any console, the best PS4 Pro games are the titles that really showcase what the Pro can do.

It does help that the best PS4 Pro games also happen to be some of the best PS4 games around too.

If you’re curious to know how these games stack up against the Xbox One X’s collection, read our list of the best Xbox One X games. You might as well take a gander at our best Nintendo Switch games too.

The best PS4 Pro games

1. Best PS4 Pro games: GT Sport

If you thought that GT Sport looked a little ropey on PS4 and you were wondering how, after all those years of development, Polyphony Digital could have overlooked visuals, your answer is hidden within the PS4 Pro. Firing up GT Sport on both a 1080p TV with downsampling reveals that this is absolutely gorgeous. Put it on a 4K TV with HDR enabled and it sings like nothing else. Microsoft may well tell you Forza 7 on Xbox One X is the real looker, but you honestly won’t find a more beautiful racing game than GT Sport at 4K with HDR on PS4 Pro. Stunning.

2. Best PS4 Pro games: Horizon Zero Dawn

This should come as no surprise, but Horizon Zero Dawn is an absolute beauty on PS4 Pro. In motion, it’s near unrivalled, with its bright colour palette bursting out from your TV screen when HDR is enabled. It’s a true testament to just how fantastic the team at Guerrilla Games is when it comes to developing a game engine that looks utterly brilliant and can still run like a dream.

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3. Best PS4 Pro games: Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is one of the best looking PS4 games around. This absolutely mammoth title was gorgeous on release and now, thanks to high-resolution textures and the introduction of HDR, it’s absolutely stunning on PS4 Pro. Plenty of reason to go back and play through it all again, or dive into its DLC content.

4. Best PS4 Pro games: The Last Guardian

Like Final Fantasy XV, The Last Guardian is a Sony game that almost never turned up. Now that it has, though, it’s incredible. On PS4 Pro, The Last Guardian benefits from a texture bump, higher-resolution output and HDR support. Not only does this mean Trico and his feathers look brilliant, but the ruined enclave The Last Guardian plays out in is absolutely stunning, with vines groping crumbling brick walls and the sunlight revealing all of their crevices.

5. Best PS4 Pro games: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

For some reason, CD Projekt Red didn’t update The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for the PS4 Pro until the Xbox One X arrived. Now it has, though, it’s more than reason enough to go back and play through one of the best RPGs ever made. HDR has a huge impact on the beautiful vistas, with Toussaint’s blue skies and verdant green hills looking even more incredible. The arrival of high-resolution textures is also welcome, but it’s the HDR that makes this a worthwhile PS4 Pro game to play.

6.  Best PS4 Pro games: REZ Infinite

It sounds bizarre that a game released back in 2001 is one of the greatest reasons to own a PS4 Pro, but it certainly is – especially in Infinite’s “Area X” level. Rez Infinite was already great thanks to its integration with PlayStation VR, but with even higher-resolution textures – if you can call wireframes textures – and HDR support, it absolutely pops off the screen. It also runs wonderfully smoothly and is just as fun to play now as it was 16 years ago.

7. Best PS4 Pro games: Hitman

IO Interactive’s episodic assassination game is, quite possibly, one of the most underrated releases on PS4. It’s utterly fantastic, and it’s even better on PS4 Pro. Not only does Agent 47’s bald head look incredibly detailed and glisten wonderfully in the sun thanks to HDR support, but all the environments that IO has expertly crafted really stand out. It’s also silky smooth and just worth every moment of your time.

8. Best PS4 Pro games: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

This one should come as no surprise. Naughty Dog has a special skill in creating absolutely beautiful-looking games and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End doesn’t disappoint. The addition of high-resolution textures and HDR support pushes the green leafy jungles and well-worn shanty towns of A Thief’s End to new levels. The standalone expansion, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, also benefits from all of these same improvements, and is an absolute must for any adventure game fan looking for something gorgeous to stare at.

9. Best PS4 Pro games: WipEout Omega Collection

The WipEout series has always been the figurehead for what Sony’s consoles are capable of, and the Omega Collection stands as a fantastic torchbearer for the PS4 Pro. Running at native 4K at 60fps, using a PS4 Pro is the only worthwhile way to experience this absolutely fantastic remastering of the PS3 and PS Vita WipEout games.

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