The Essential Phone just got a 29% price cut



It’s still not out in the UK, but we should see it at a cheaper price when it arrives

It’s not usually a good sign when an expensive product gets nearly a third of the price cut off, just two months after going on sale. So, however the Essential Phone blog tries to sell it – which is along the lines of “we want more people to be able to try this awesome product” – you get the feeling all might not be well with the newest kid on the Android block.

Nonetheless, this is good news for consumers. Two months ago, if you wanted to buy the Essential Phone, you were looking at a price of $699 (~£530). Now you’ll be paying $499 (~£380). That’s a good, solid reduction at a time when smartphone prices tend to be creeping in the opposite direction.

“At Essential, one of our driving principles is that premium craftsmanship and the latest technologies shouldn’t be for the few,” the company wrote in a blog post. “We could have created a massive TV campaign to capture your attention, but we think making it easier for people to get their hands on our first products is a better way to get to know us.”

That’s a delightful sentiment, but one that’s quite hard to square with the fact that the company set a high price just two months ago. If it’s a driving principle now, why wasn’t it one then?

It would be easier to grumble if it weren’t for the fact that the company has done the honourable thing and given existing buyers a kickback too, in the form of a $200 “friends & family code” that can be used towards the Essential 360 Camera or another phone for a friend.

We still don’t have a UK release date for the Essential Phone. Last we heard, the company was aiming for the end of the year, likely as a network exclusive. Still, in this case, it’s probably better that we’ve had to wait: nice as a $200 voucher is, better to have not spent the money in the first place.

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