The European SNES Classic is even more adorable than the US version

Nintendo just dropped a bomb in the sedate post-E3 summer game news cycle by announcing the SNES Classic, a miniature $79 version of the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System preloaded with 21 fan-favorite SNES games. In other words, it’s basically a SNES version of last year’s nearly impossible-to-find NES Classic.

The NES Classic was adorable, but many fans coveted the Famicom Classic Mini, the Japanese markets version of the console based on the original Japan-only Famicom design. Similarly, the SNES Classic is getting a Europe-only version that shrinks down the sleek curves of the Japanese SNES design. Meanwhile, Americans will get a mini version of the iconic, dour purple and boxy protrusions of the original SNES.

The differences between the two consoles, however, is purely cosmetic. Both will launch with the same lineup of 21 games (including the unreleased Star Fox 2) on September 29th.

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