The Solid Verbal: Texas A&M worries, Michigan confidence, and a Q&A buttload

A literal buttload. Just listen to find out.

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On our latest Q&A, we attack the following topics with an enthusiasm that’s 100 percent known and verified with mankind:

• Contract jokes aside, what do we think of Jimbo Fisher and the outlook of Texas A&M? Savvy assistant hires? 2018 schedule? Roster questions?

• Is Jim Harbaugh really in a “make-or-break” situation in Ann Arbor with Michigan? What does that actually mean in his very specific scenario at a place that he loves and that seems to love him back?

• Forget about the Heisman, but which 2018 QBs are in an ideal situation to thrive and grow on the national stage? What factors go into determining our out-and-out guesses? How does it apply to Georgia’s Jake Fromm? Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa? Oregon’s Justin Herbert? Penn State’s Trace McSorley? Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins (perhaps)? Washington’s Jake Browning?

• Which conference looks like it might have the deepest roster of decent QBs?

• What is a bidet?

• What buffalo (hot sauce + butter) food reigns supreme?

• Is cornbread atop the chili side dish mountain?

• What is Ty’s most awkward dating story? What’s Dan’s?

• Is there any hope for an interesting XFL?

… and more!

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