Trials of the Nine Player Count Hits New Low

After months of dwindling player counts, Destiny 2’s weekly Trials of the Nine multiplayer mode has hit a series low. This past weekend’s session of Destiny 2’s premier competitive multiplayer mode saw its worst outing yet, hosting only 77,814 players.

Trials of the Nine is meant to be Destiny 2’s top-tier PvP offering but so far it hasn’t been able to live up to the experience offered by Trials of Osiris, its predecessor from Destiny 1. Functionally, the modes are very similar. Both task players with achieving consecutive victories with the overall goal of going Flawless; racking up seven wins and no losses.

Winning fireteams are granted access to the Spire social space and receive rewards based on how many wins they managed to accrue before being eliminated. Fireteams that manage to reach their flawless goal are rewarded with access to a special room and exclusive armor pieces.

If popularity is any indication of quality, then Trials of the Nine has been proving itself to be the inferior version. It was only a month ago that Trials of the Nine basically tied Trials of Osiris’ lowest participation count of 145,000 players. This weekend’s count has virtually cut that number in half at across three platforms.

The individual breakdowns for each system are 46,165 on PS4, 24,161 on Xbox One, and only 7,488 players on the PC. This means that Destiny 2’s endgame PvP mode, only five months after release and across three platforms, has only managed to draw half as many players as its Destiny 1 counterpart did years after release and across only two platforms. What’s more, this record low comes only a week after Bungie’s call for player feedback on the ailing multiplayer mode.

destiny 2 development roadmap

Bungie recently released a roadmap for the changes coming to Destiny 2 over the next few months. Many requested additions and fixes are detailed in it, but there is currently no mention of Trials of the Nine. With this latest, record-breaking drop in player participation, Bungie may want to address it again sooner rather than later. Directly asking players for feedback is a good start, but the developers will likely need to give players some sort of plan or specific statement of intent if they hope to bring players back to Trials of the Nine in the future.

For more information regarding the most requested changes to Trials of the Nine are, see our article on the subject.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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