WWDC 2018: what to expect from Apple’s developer conference

Hot on the heels of the Google I/O comes the WWDC from Apple. Here Apple App developers can see what they have to expect in terms of macOS and iOS as soon as the new software is released. These are the highlights that we expect to see at the WWDC keynote.

Apple’s developer conferences are also relevant for fans of Android, because Apple is showing here what features will be available in the coming OS versions. All too often, these announcements find their way onto Android with a short delay – recently with the new gesture control in Android P, for example.

When will WWDC 2018 take place?

Apple is hosting the Woldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose from June 4-8, 2018. Apple has chosen the McEnery Convention Center as the location.

The keynote will open the WWDC, where Tim Cook and other Apple managers will present all the news from the Apple universe. Naturally, rumors are already circulating. What do we know so far?

OS 12 and macOS 10.14: will they converge?

iOS 12 will be the next major update for the iPhone. This will be more about product care than optimization work. In recent months Apple has been struggling with reports of bugs. Therefore, some new features are supposed to have been advanced for the time being, so that iOS 12 can be developed strongly towards quality control.

The biggest change could be together with macOS 10.14. Apple is supposedly working on universal apps that run on the Mac and on an iPhone or iPad. However, it is unclear whether the time is ripe for this development as early as 2018. This is accompanied by the rumor that Apple will switch to its own ARM processors on its Macs from 2020. Universal apps would be the logical preparation for this.

AndroidPIT apple ipad 2018 3792
The iPad is Apple’s favorite computing platform. / © AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

iPhone SE2: the new baby of the family

In spring 2016 Apple showed the iPhone SE, which came in the guise of the iPhone 5, but with contemporary features. For weeks there have been rumors that Apple is preparing a successor to the iPhone SE. This idea is not entirely absurd, especially as Apple will present the new generation of iPhones in autumn – the small iPhone might not stand out enough to make an impression if presented at the same time as its bigger cousins.

AndroidPIT iPhone SE 4162
The iPhone SE will probably have a successor soon. / © AndroidPIT

watchOS 5: Sleep monitoring on Apple Watch?

A new version of watchOS could put the focus on the latest Apple Watch. Considering that last year the company acquired Beddit and its app, it may be time to integrate sleep monitoring features into the wearable from Cupertino.

AndroidPIT apple watch wearable smartwatch 0394
Sleep monitoring on Apple Watch? Why not? / © AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

What else?

Rumours about a new HomePod and a new voice from Siri are not true according to 9to5Mac. The origin are Siri’s answers to the question about the WWDC at the weekend. According to this, a new shiny house is planned for Siri and a new voice. The latter remains mysterious, but the new house is basically just Siri’s answer from last year.

After all, there could be a cheaper HomePod under the Beats label. Apple is currently under a lot of pressure from Google Home and Amazon Echo – and with a more expensive product.

What do you expect from Apple in 2018?

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